 Introducing WNMCP  Who we are

Our Vision for the Future

As the community grows, we are planning to expand our activities and services so that our operations can become a full time venture, as opposed to once a week or once/twice every year. We aim to become a focal point of the community and offer our services to all who enquire, be they Muslim or of other faiths. The following are a few of the specific areas we are hoping to develop over the next year In’Sha’Allah:


Children are the future of our society and we believe that getting our children engaged in constructive activities enables them to learn and grow in a fun and positive way. We hope to run a supplementary school in due time making it fun in learning and covering the basic elements/foundations of Islam. We plan to cover Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies. We also aim to have a youth project one day with a youth centre whereby children can come and play games such as pool, table tennis and more. The children will also play other sports such as football, Rugby and Tennis. We hope to go on outings such as camping, visiting museums and theme parks. Children will also have the opportunity to learn different Martial Arts which will help to develop self discipline and self confidence.


Women are the forefront of what holds a family together and without the women in our society we will not be able to bring up our children properly who as mentioned earlier are the future of our society. A lot of women in our community have been complaining about the lack of activities created for them. It is important that women have the opportunity to do activities, to have a break from family duties and have the same opportunities as the men do but in their own environment. Therefore WNMCP are hoping to create fitness classes and martial arts sessions for the women in our community conducted by fully qualified female teachers. We also aim to start a study circle as well as Quran and Arabic lessons as it is important that our sister have the opportunity to learn about the deen just as the brothers do. We hope that by creating these activities for our sisters it will help them as individuals as well as build a sisterhood with the women in our community.


The fathers, sons and brothers of this community are the ones who need to take responsibility for their community and make sure that it is running smoothly. They are required to set an example and be leaders, not followers. We aim to develop a curriculum of both spiritual and practical areas of life which are important for all men to adhere to. This includes Islamic classes, training and development and physical exercise. The men within our community have stated that they would also like to attend fitness classes as well as Martial Arts lessons within a Halal environment. Therefore we will be working on this so that we meet the needs of the Muslims and non Muslims within our community.

The Story so far

The West Norwood Muslim Community Project (WNMCP) is a registered charity in England and Wales, committed to providing a service to the community in accordance to the teachings and strict adherence to the Quran and authentic Sunnah through the understanding and the practice of the righteous Salaf (early generations). Our aim is to help people improve their understanding of Islam and to contribute towards the betterment and prosperity of the wider community in West Norwood.
WNMCP was formally initiated on Monday 11th April 2011 to address the lack of a Muslim community base in the area of West Norwood by a group of four like minded friends. It was acknowledged that the Muslim community of West Norwood urgently required a social and spiritual centre for gatherings, festivals, religious education and worship. There was a realisation for the need within the community for a “safe haven” for individuals to relax spiritually, physically and mentally. Three months later, after a lot of ground work was done, the very first Jum’uah (Friday) Prayer in West Norwood was initiated on Friday 15th July 2011. Alhamdulillah it has continued ever since.

Last year, Ma’Sha’Allah, followed by the continuous and relentless efforts of the trustees and a core group of volunteers and supporters, the WNMCP open an Islamic Community Centre in West Norwood. It is hoped that, with the assistance of Allah, it will become a hub for both worship and social gatherings for the Muslims within the area, young and old. In the short time that it has been open, the local community has co-operated to established prayer at the Centre five time a day, Alhamdulillah.

This project is viewed as a long term social enterprise, providing a space for the local Muslim community to come together in a manner that has not been possible before now. There are many difficulties within the community in general and perhaps through some positive partnerships, much like the one which helped establish the WNMCP, common ground can be found.
A core group of volunteers from within the community are now helping the WNMCP in its day to day operations. On the wider team, there are professionals who contribute to the local society (including a child psychiatrist and a youth worker) and would value further opportunities to work together outside of this time to achieve their common goals (e.g. information sharing, workshops, seminars, etc.). The hope is In’Sha’Allah that you will be able to assist in realising the goals and objectives of the WNMCP as well.

The Trustees of The West Norwood Muslim Community Project June 2014